Onalaska Veterans Memorial

The Memorial is dedicated to all of the military veterans that have been interred in the Onalaska cemetary. It also recognizes all the veterans still living that are native sons, current residents of Onalaska or veterans that have relatives or an attachment to the City of Onalaska.

The Memorial is located in the southwest corner of the cemetary near the corner of South 12th and Hickory Street in Onalaska. The Memorial consists of a patio of engraved paver bricks. A podium, flagpole, fence, shrubs, concrete walkway and 5 benches make up the patio. Surrounding the patio are benches placed in memory of our veterans. Benches are granite and consist of 2 pedestals. Patio bricks may be purchased by submitting an application that is available at the Post.

Benches may be purchased based upon space available. Applications are submitted on plain paper. Contact the Post for further information required for bench purchase. Cost of bricks and benches are subject to change. Information regarding cost will be provided by contacting the Post.

All are invited to visit the memorial. Annual Memorial Day Services are held at the site.


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