Struck-Klandrud American Legion Post 336

Catering and Hall Rental

We thank you for considering the Onalaska American Legion for your banquet and catering needs.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your contract for the banquet hall, activity center, or beverage options, please contact the Bar Manager at 608-783-3300.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your menu, or any details regarding your event, please contact the catering coordinator at 608-769-3628.  We can accommodate any event from 50 to 225 people. We can arrange your special day for weddings, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, graduations, retirement celebrations, memorials, and funerals.



Post 336 Legion, Auxiliary, and SAL member rates:

Banquet Hall:  $150 Hall Rental | Funeral and Memorial Functions:   No Charge

Activity Center: $125 Rental Fee -plus $75 (refundable) cleaning deposit.

In order to book under member rates, you must be:

A member in good standing for one year prior and renewed membership for second-plus years.

The spouse or child of a member. Other family relations do not qualify for discount.

A current member or pending transfer of Post 336.

General Public Rates:

Banquet Hall:  $400 Rental Fee | Funeral and Memorial Functions:  $100

Activity Center: $225 Rental Fee- plus $75 (refundable) cleaning deposit

How to book the Banquet Hall or Activity Center:


You can check the availability of a date with the Bar Manager via telephone at (608)783-3300. To reserve your date, you must have a signed rental contract and a 50% deposit. All bookings are done through the Bar Manager. Please schedule an appointment with the Bar Manager at your convenience to finalize your booking.

The Banquet Hall requires use of on-site catering and beverage services. The Activity Center requires use of on-site beverage services.

Contracted renter is responsible for any damages. Post 336 is not responsible for lost/stolen items. 




Non Members

Half Barrel Domestic



Half Barrel Craft or Import



There is a one time $50 included service bar fee for self serve alcoholic beverages.

  + Half Barrel (34) Pitchers



 + Quarter Barrel (17) Pitchers



   +  Half Barrel Craft or Import                                             $300               $350

SODA – Fountain service $1.00 per glass.


Brut or Spumante $16 per bottle; $160 per case (12 bottles)


Special Orders:

Premium beers, wines, or champagnes are available on request.

Special orders must be paid for at the time of the order.

How to place your beverage order:

Your beverage order can be placed with the Bar Manager, in person or via telephone, anytime two weeks plus prior to your event. Price guarantee will be given at the time of order. Please provide your event timeline for staff scheduling purposes. You may pay your beverage bill, during our business hours, one week-plus prior to your event. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Bar Manager at (608)783-3300. We do not allow ANY carry-ins - alcoholic or non.

ALL beverages for use anywhere on the property must be ordered through the bar.


Items and services included in our rental fee are…white tablecloths for buffet, gift, and head table. All other tables carry a $6.00 fee per table for tablecloths. All candles/flames must be encased in glass centerpieces on any of the tables, and please NO confetti on any of the tables. We only allow freestanding decor, no tape on the walls or ceiling.  Our payment options are as follows: cash, debit or credit cards, or cashier checks. We are sorry, but we are unable to take business or personal checks.  While figuring your final costs, please take into consideration the 5.5% sales tax and the kitchen service fee of 15% of total bill, and a 4% gratuity for the catering staff. Tipping is optional and NOT INCLUDED in the kitchen service fee. We will allow you to take home any left-over food. We appreciate if you can provide your own containers. In addition, a 10% discount is offered to all Post 336 members for dinners, with a one year current membership or more. Also, Menu prices are only guaranteed 60 days before any event. Please remember to update guest count, and any last minute details for your special day with us 10 days before the date of your event. If no changes are made to the original guest count, we will go with the number that is on the original contract.


All buffets are served with one choice of Salad, Potato, and Vegetable.  If an extra Salad, Potato or Vegetable is requested it will be an additional $2.00 per item.  Entrée's:  Choice of One: $20.00 or choice of two entrees $22.00

Sliced Hot Ham

Meatballs in Brown Gravy

Baked Seasoned Chicken

Beef Tips in Gravy- mushrooms and onions - optional

Potato Choices:

Choice of one:

Mashed Potatoes with or without garlic

Scalloped Potatoes

Au Gratin Potatoes

Baked Potato with butter and sour cream

Buttered Parsley Whole Baby White Potatoes

Cheesy Hash browns

Vegetable Choices:

Choose one:

Buttered Corn

Baked Beans

Honey Glazed Carrots

Green Beans

Salad Choices:

Choose one:

Lettuce Salad with 3 dressings Dressings: French, Ranch, Thousand Island, lo-cal Italian

Creamy Coleslaw

Potato Salad

Sweet, Creamy Macaroni Salad

The above Entrées also include: Dinner Rolls and one pot each of regular and decaf Coffee.





Cheese Tray (available as sandwich or cracker cut) -American, Swiss, Marble Jack, Pepperjack

50 servings


Summer Sausage and cracker cut cheese tray -American, Swiss, Marble Jack, Pepperjack

50 Servings


Assorted veggies with dip-carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower

50 servings


Smoked Sausage pieces in BBQ (average 5 pieces per serving)

50 servings


Chicken Wings with sauces (average 3 pieces per serving)

50 servings


Meatballs in Brown Gravy or BBQ Sauce (average 3 pieces per serving)

100 servings


Assorted Bags of Chips

50 servings


Assorted Crackers

50 servings




Sliced Ham on a Hamburger Bun -minimum of 25 sandwiches

$3.00 each

Sliced Turkey on a Hamburger Bun -minimun of 25 sandwiches

$3.50 each

Sliced Ham on a Slider Bun -minimum of 25 sandwiches

$2.00 each

Sliced Turkey on a Slider Bun -minimum of 25 sandwiches

$2.50 each

Hot Pulled Pork on a Hamburger Bun -minimum of 25 sandwiches

$5.00 each

Hot shredded Roast Beef on a Hamburger Bun -minimum of 25 sandwiches                                                 $6.00 each
Hot Pulled Pork on a Slider Bun -minimun of 25 sandwiches                                                 $4.00 each
Hot Shredded Roast Beef on a Slider Bun -minimum of 25 sandwiches                                                 $5.00 each
BBQ on a Hamburger Bun -minimum of 25 sandwiches                                                 $3.00 each

Desserts:                    Quantity:


Rice Krispie Bars                                                    Approx. 50 pieces


Brownies with or without nuts                             Approx. 50 pieces


Pumpkin Bars                                                         Approx. 50 pieces


Lemon Bars                                                            Approx. 50 pieces                $75.00

Salads (100 Servings):

Fresh Fruit in Season                                             Market Price

watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, musk melon, and canteloupe                                              

Creamy Potato Salad                                                   $165.00

Italian Pasta Salad                                                       $165.00

with or without pepperoni

Creamy Coleslaw                                                          $165.00

Creamy Pasta Salad                                                     $165.00

Baked Beans                                                                 $125.00


Coffee (per 2 gallon pot)                                               $25.00

Milk (gallon 1%, 2%, skim or chocolate)                         $7.00

Fruit punch or lemonade (2 gallon)                              $10.00

We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

Thank you for considering the Onalaska American Legion.