Struck-Klandrud American Legion Post 336

Executive Committee

 The government and management of the Post are entrusted to an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of all elected Post Officers, the Post Adjutant, Post Judge Advocate, and the senior members of the House and Building Committees.   

The Post Executive Committee has the sole authority to establish guidelines for any and all public representations promoting Struck-Klanrud Post 336 Onalaska, WI., including but not limited to, social media such as Web pages, Facebook, Twitter accounts and other such social media outlets, newsprint, television and radio. The person or persons designated to maintain, create or access any such media is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.   

The officers of the Post shall be elected annually at a regular scheduled meeting in May, and installed into office at the regular scheduled meeting in June.  All election of Officers shall be by ballot, except the Post Adjutant and Post Judge Advocate.    

The officers are:

Commander        James Biansh
First Vice            James Binash 
Second Vice        Dirk de Zeeuw
Third Vice           Brad Heller  
Service Officer    Rich Musolf 
Adjutant             James Binash 
Finance Officer   Mike Fries 
JAG                     Todd Bjerke 
Chaplain             Rich Cota